​​We only use the best materials on the planet. All materials are responsibly sourced such as conflict free recycled solid gold/platinum, natural diamonds, and lab grown moissantie.
18K gold
18K gold or Au750 is made up of 75% gold and 25% alloy. This type of gold 18 out of the 24 parts that make up the gold are pure gold. It is the purest form of gold used for jewelry. All of our jewelry are in solid 18K gold, NEVER plated, filled or vermeil. 

Platinum is 10x more rare than gold. It's a very precious metal with a silver-like appearance, which never tarnishes or changes color.                                            


All of our diamonds are natural and responsibly sourced/ recycled. 

We only use high quality and graded diamonds measuring G-H in color and VS2 or above in clarity

What is it?: Moissanite is a near-colorless gemstone first discovered in 1893. It's hardness and durability are very similar to diamonds. Over the years Moissanite has become one of the best alternatives to diamonds because of its appearance, fiery brilliance, responsibly sourced and affordable prices.
We only use the highest grade moissanite; D in color and VVS1 or above in clarity with excellent cut and polish. All moissanite with more than 1 carat will come with a certified report.